Shansi Miller
Paintings in Oil

Shansi Miller, a brief introduction

Excerpt"Myrtle's Kitchen" from Art Fusion Magazine: written by Tricia Cassinelli

     Born on the island of St.Thomas, Shansi Miller is celebrated for her ability to capture the vibrancy of the West Indian culture in which she was raised. Her pieces, which are highly sought after by local and mainland collectors, are immediately distinguishable by their careful execution, intricate details, compositional complexity,  and rich narratives. Each figurative piece captures the subtleties and exchanges that exist in a transient moment, telling its own unique and culturally vivid story.  A subject's emotions, whether conveyed through a delicate gesture or enigmatic facial expression, is left open to interpretation by the observer. " I have my own story about each of my works," says the artist, "but I prefer it when the viewer brings their own perception.  That way they create a personal story which is unique only to them."  It is a tribute to Shansi's power as an artist that her work has such differing and specific effects on viewers."