Shansi Miller
Paintings in Oil

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Fantastic work... what talent! Wow!
Julia Gardner - 28 Feb 2014
Chip and I are so excited to be new collectors of your wonderful art!
Phyllis Wright - 15 Jul 2013
My wife and I were just in town [ time share in st. tomas ] and saw a painting of yours. unbelievable. we would like info.
Merlin Beynon - 29 May 2013
I like your fantastic web site! hiit from Visit W3Schools
Hiit - 1 Nov 2011
Fanstastic work! -like your website too, thanks for the artsites tip ;)
Theodore Robertson - 16 Jun 2011
Your work is incredible! I am so taking in by the way you capture your art! I admire your work so much! I'm so amazed that I found someone with the same name! I wish you the best of luck! Shansi Jennings
Shansi Jennings - 12 Jan 2011
Your work is fantastic. I can feel the life emanating from the figures in your painting. Truly great work.
Alton E. Drew - 13 Aug 2010
I LOVE your Work... every time I see your work I get goose bumps. Do you teach or have you ever considered teaching others. I would love to meet you some day, and even own some of your pieces.
Kenneth Cazaubon - 11 Aug 2010
amazing work, i would love to become a collector of your pieces.
kashima starlet - 30 Jul 2010
Girl got talent. What I see in this picture is,the housekeepers at goverment house are preparing a party for the Governor. He has guests from out of town. These ladies wanted to complimment them on what they have eaten already.
Gloria Lambert - 24 May 2010
Shansi: I live in St. Thomas and have always admired your work. I love your website. Congratulations, you must be so proud. Your work is phenominal. Diana York - March 21, 2010
DIANA YORK - 21 Mar 2010
What a pleasurable interlude, looking at all your wonderful work posted here. I have always been a huge admirer of your work, and hope one day to meet you in person, and perhaps even have one of your paintings on my wall. I think you have an extraordinary eye - we here in the USVI are blessed to have you chronicling vignettes of island life in such beautiful detail.
Nancy Anderson - 20 Mar 2010
You are a wonderful artist! Your detail is amazing!
Danielle Nelson - 1 Dec 2009
These paintings are so beautiful! I can almost hear the people talking. They look so warm and alive; your paintings really engage me and make me feel as if I am there with them. Spectacular!
Lisa Haverty - 18 Sep 2009
Your work never ceases to amaze me! As an amateur photographer (budding), I'm stunned by the realistic details of your work. It's my dream to own one of your originals... Brilliant!
Gail Ferreira - 2 Aug 2009
Dear Shasni. your pictures move me. I would love to see them in real life. Living in the north of England that is unlikely to happen. If I win the lottery I will open a gallery. Bless you
Cath Carmichael - 9 Jul 2009
Shansi, simply sublime. Never have I seen paintings of West Indian culture done with such love, compassion and expressiveness. I can hear the subjects speak when you portray a scene. These are forever paintings.
Barbara Parry - 13 Jun 2009
Very beautiful art pieces. I love the quality of your portrait paintings. It must have taken you quite some time to finish a piece, but the quality is abosulte top class. Keep it up
Justin - 19 Apr 2009
Hello, I was given your site link by a very close friend's sister, Carmen Nibbs. Her sister's name is Terry Sterling, both are from St. Thomas. I was born in VA, however have traveled to many countries. That brings me to a place where I can express how I feel about your gallery...... incredible. I feel the rhythm of your work my sister. I think you capture the expression and emotion of all the subjects of your work. Whether landscape, portraits, etc., you feel the moment and emotion and place it gently on your canvas. Continue to tell life's stories through your work; it's our gift to this world. With so much negative news, it's refreshing to feel encouragement from your wonderful works of "ART"! Please check out my site:
Timothy L. Giles - 30 Mar 2009
Shansi, Your work is amazing. Such a talent to be able to capture so vividly true Island beauty....inspiring.
Jackie Neuburger - 18 Feb 2009
Your work is awesome!!! I can't believe how talented your are. Take care
Laura Riddle - 7 Feb 2009
Shansi, Hi! I know it has been awhile since we last talked (two years!), I ran across your link in an email so here I am. Once again I say, Your work is fantastic! We all need to hear this from our fellows from time to time. I sure wish I was on island! We have ben blasted by winter nastiness! Keep painting lady!
Salina Ramsay - 2 Feb 2009
Dear Shansi, your art is a feast for the eyes and a medicine for our souls which are sometimes polluted by an unsensible society. I can watch for hours your paintings like you would do in front of the ocean: feeling in peace with yourself and the whole universe...
Rossano Balloco - 30 Jan 2009
Hi Shansi, Your works are so beautiful and real that they make me homesick! I wish you great continued success. Jan Myers (Lynda's mother)
Jan Myers - 12 Jan 2009
You are truely blessed and the world is lucky to have you! Thank you for the beauty! Take care and all my best from California!
Carrie Ann - 17 Dec 2008
Your work is as wonderful as you are. My lovely little sister.
Henry Dennis - 1 Dec 2008
Shansi, press on with the extraordinary talent that God has bestowed upon you. I was turned on to your work when you were the featured artist in Art Fusion. Your attention to detail in all you works is what truly captivates me. I can't believe how well you capture everything about your subjects, right down to the lines in the palms of their hands. Good luck and continued success in the future.
Leslie Dickenson - 2 Oct 2008
Terrific site. Congratulations. Please visit us at and let us know what you think.
Kenneth Smith - 25 Sep 2008
Hello Shansi, The rare talent you displayed as a very young artist has grown to extraordinary heights! It's a true pleasure to see your magnificent work. With warmest wishes, Nadine
Nadine Winter - 26 Jun 2008
Hi Shansi!! It's your second cousin Jesse that you saw last summer. finally got to see the site... i love your work. i cant believe the level of detail you manage to incorporate.
Jesse Giordano - 3 May 2008
Your work is amazing...better than ever. I am eager to see what you will produce in the future.
Hugh Greentree - 16 Jan 2008
Shansi, It's always a great pleasure to your painterly view of life and the world
Jeff arnstein - 12 Jan 2008
I saw your work in the Gallery at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. My complements on your beautiful work; it's really amazing.
Ed Kinsella - 4 Oct 2007
Your work is beautiful. Thank you for all your inspiration. Please visit our site at
John Franks - 20 Aug 2007
Donald Styles - 14 Aug 2007
Hi Shansi!I always knew that you would follow your own path and be fabulous at whatever you chose to do! Your work is amazing....anyone who sees it will definately have a better understanding of our culture here in the VI! Debi (your OLD gym teacher)
Debi Davis - 9 Aug 2007
Dear Shansi, I choose my words carefully in hopes of matching the beauty, creativity, and the simple complexities of humanness that is brought to life in your art. There is an invisible doorway that is painted within your creations that allows the viewer to step into the scene being depicted. I am awestruck by your work. Thank you.
Luanne Melchior - 31 Jul 2007
A displaced (misplaced) St. Thomian, currently in America, I LOVE seeing your work. And what wonderful work it is; how homesick it allows me to be. Thank you, Shansi. Continued good fortune.
rebecca bowers - 7 Jul 2007
I love all of your work. They are fabulouso. You definitely have a talent that words cannot describe. Thank you for your help with my paper.
Jaynae Edney - 7 Jun 2007
Your artwork really captures the beauty and culture that makes the VI special. Bet Hero, Bet Blanco is by far my favorite!! Continued success Shansi!
Blair Jackson - 26 May 2007
Great work my sister...From one artist to another...Blessings
R.Taffawah King. - 23 May 2007
Blown away is what I'd say. Like everyone else said,"Exceptional". The pains taking details, the vibrant colors, the realistic shadows are all there. I'm saving to get something of yours.Blessings upon you, my dear.
Richie Philip - 23 May 2007
baby you have a great talent
loreetta - 21 May 2007
When someone look at your work, I can imagine them wondering, "Is it a painting or is it a photograph?" Awesome works of art. Your artistry reminds me of Norman Rocwell. It's so realistic like the paintings I used to admire as a little boy in the post office by the Grand Hotel. Keep up the good work.
Warren A. Claxton - 20 May 2007
My daughter, Elynne sent me your website. WOW!!! I am just in awe. The vibrant colors and fine detail of your work is exceptional! Your "Coming Home" was the exact view I had captured in my mind when returning home in April. Continued success!!!
Donna Cain-Lockhart - 20 May 2007
WOW!! You are so talented, and your art work is very inspirational! You may not have known that I myself am an artist, but I have not been doing much in a long time. All the best and future success, your friend Elynne.
Elynne Lockhart - 20 May 2007
The very thought, one see him/herself toddle in family life, "memorialize" as a child at home again; An adult today.
derek S Hanna - 19 May 2007
What a gift! I am overwhelmed! You are awesome! I thank God for the gift you have.
Judith Liner - 18 May 2007
VI Child, I'm pleased, and I'm proud of you.
Larry Sewer - 18 May 2007
Your work is truly Magnificent and I would love to own a piece someday soon. You are very blessed and I wish you much continued success.God Bless You.
Jenny Hodge - 18 May 2007
A fellow St. Thomian childhood friend turned me on to your website and your work. I grew up in St. Thomas and seeing your work brings me right back there. Beautiful pieces.
Kenneth Stipe - 18 May 2007
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful..I am amazed at the intricate detail capturing cultural stories of my adopted home.
Mara English - 18 May 2007
I am a fellow Virgin Islander and I must say your work is beyond words!! The intricate details are breath taking and shows your artistic genius. I love the way you've captured our culture and the true essence of who we are as Virgin Islanders. Press on in giving us these masterpieces. I wish you much success!
F. Nibbs - 17 May 2007
Absolutely breathtaking and true to life!
Linet Akins-Harley - 17 May 2007
Fantastic, I'm impressed. Sold, I will buy one now. Shansi,paint one of a West Indian mother giving shark oil to her child, on the back steps.
Cito Jarvis - 16 May 2007
Truly beautiful reflections. My mother just turned me on to your work and it would be blessed to capture on one of our album covers. Please visit to view our lasted design called Break The Soil by Mark Milligan II of St. Croix./ God bless/ bambu station band
jalani - 16 May 2007
Shansi your oil paintings make the people portrayed, "come to life". Your art work is truly a blessing from GOD. I wish you many, many, years of continued success--always put GOD first in your life and he will bless your art work.
Suzette Chinnery-Jackson-16 May 2007 - 16 May 2007
I remember seeing your paintings years ago and I thought they were magnificent. I feel that I am seeing the person in the flesh in your are a genius...prodigious talent
Terryln Smock - 10 May 2007
We have commissioned Shansi to paint 6 paintings and own 3 others - all fantastic works of art.
Ed & Carolyn - 9 May 2007
Shansi, words can not describe your work! Absolutely wonderful!!!!
Ronnie Lockhart - 6 May 2007
What beautiful work. God has given you a real talent.
Shirley Mangin - 6 May 2007
Fabulous work! You have captured the depth and beauty of the people who people our home.
Kate Rake - 4 May 2007
Thaaaaank sha much
greg & deidre smith - 4 May 2007
The art work is fabulous. The colors are vibrant. I can pictire myself as one of the characters in a heavy conversation.
Marilyn - 4 May 2007
Shansi...Your website is wonderful...Your work is...well...unique and so beautiful to the senses... Cynthia
Cynthia Lawrence - 3 May 2007
My favorite artist on Island. When Felipe and I were at the Haagensen House, your paintings were one of the highlights of the tour. You are special. Brenda
Brenda Sullivan - 2 May 2007
Utterly gorgeous.
Sue Counselman - 2 May 2007
Your art, and your web site, are lovely. The paintings make me want to come back to St. Thomas, where my sister lives. May the creative fires continue to burn within you.
Beth Miller - 1 May 2007
I really love your paintings. Your art work has a breathe taking feel to them.
Pearl John Lewis - 1 May 2007
Shansi: Great website, you are an amazing talent! I just love seeing your work and can't wait to view the exciting new pieces you are working on.
Joanne E. Bozzuto - 1 May 2007
Hi!!!Shansi , Your paintings are an absolutely delightful feast to the eyes. Each and everything is life like the Rajasthani Shoe on the floor looks like I could just put in my feel and walk away with . You are a GENIUS !!!!! I cannot stop looking and look forward to seeing your next painting !!!! All the best to you my friend , much love , Kavita
Kavita , Jaipur , India - 1 May 2007
As usual your work displays the beauty and depth of the human experience, in the things we we overlook in our daily lives. I'm really proud of you honey. Infinite love and light. your best friend, Chrisper
christine mckiiney - 30 Apr 2007
Shansi, I love your work! I love your website! I just got a copy of the Art Fusion: what an honor to have been the featured artists! Congratulations on you successes! And I am thrilled with the painting you did for me to give to my daughter and son-in-law as a wedding present. It is fabulous! Fondly, Carolyn Tyson April 30, 2007
Carolyn Tyson - 30 Apr 2007
Shansi- I met you years ago at my grandmother's farm...Joyce is my great aunt. I love your work- the colors and detail are absolutely beautiful, so vivid and lifelike. Wish I could see it in person! Best of luck to you, Julia Sexton
Julia Sexton - 30 Apr 2007
I love this website! I wish you all the best. Love, Gabriela
Gabriela Haley Stastny - 30 Apr 2007
wow. I still can't stop looking.
Lou Harold - 28 Apr 2007
Hi Shansi! I am your new step-sister in law, I think? Mama J has talked so much about your paintings, but I just didn't get it until visiting your website. Wow. I feel like I just got to stand in the kitchen with some women, witnessing an intense moment. Admittedly, I would be hard-pressed to be invited into such a kitchen in real life. I really appreciate that you put me there. I'm a fan!!! Love, Lou
Amy Louise Harbison Harold - 28 Apr 2007
friend of joyce mangin... continued success, shansi.... lynn
Lynn Bullock - 28 Apr 2007
You are an extraordinary artist. You must be so proud of your work and great talent
Joyce Mangin Harbison - 28 Apr 2007
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