Shansi Miller
Paintings in Oil


(posted on 19 Apr 2007)

1. Shansi Miller was the featured artist in the latest issue of "Art Fusion" magazine. To get a copy of the magazine go to for locations.

2. Shansi Miller's portrait of Judge Thomas Moore was was unveiled at the Federal court house on March 8th 2007.

3. At this year's annual synagogue auction (its' main fundraising event). Shansi sold two commissions for portraits. She also sold a study, with all proceeds going to the synagogue.

4. Shansi Miller was one of twleve artists chosen to show at the School of the Museun of Fine Arts Boston. The exhibit ; "America's Paradise" and "Isla Del Encanto" was held Tuesday September 18th - October 13th 2007 at the grossman gallery.

5. The University of the Virgin Islands commissioned Shansi Miller to paint the portraits of past three University presidents. The unveiling was held Sunday, March 16, 2008.

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